The creative minds behind ten&one

Our philosophy

Our long-term success demands a collective commitment to collaborate effectively and the willingness to embrace knowledge and new ideas.

We prove this through our unwavering dedication to business professionalism: toward everyone who collaborates with us, toward society, as well as the environment over which we have an impact. Regardless of countries and boundaries, we uphold steadfast principles and core values. The &one signifies the ‘special’ element that has its place in every project and every idea. Constantly moving forward, continuously exploring new ideas, that’s the essence of &one.

We see ourselves as your partner


Out with the old: Cookie-cutter ideas are a thing of the past! Every client is unique and has different approaches, requirements, and demands. With ten&one, each project is carefully considered and tailored to your individual needs. Each concept is different from the next.


We aim to be more than just executors - we are also consultants and idea resources. Our goal is to share our expertise and experience with you and to provide you with top-notch advice. We are committed to go above and beyond to bring your plan to fruition!


Loyalty to our partners and clients is a top priority! We are dedicated to supporting our partners through transparent, open and honest communication. We believe this is the foundation for developing lasting relationships.

Our core values

The most wonderful feeling is looking into smiling faces as people reunite after a long time. We are excited to provide the perfect environment for these reunions. Our events are a platform to connect and network. We listen and fit all the pieces of the puzzle, bringing people together. Being a part of the conversation, listening to stories and accompanying people on their journey is truly a pleasure. That’s what makes our work so enjoyable!

Each of our employees contributes to reshaping and advancing our work culture, supporting future development and helping to find new ways to achieve more together. This not only applies to professional expertise, but also to dedicated, effective and flexible collaboration. Our learning curve is more efficient than ever before thanks to dedicated individuals with diverse perspectives, who together, excel as our dreamteam.

Our ultimate goal is to continuously evolve and constantly gain new knowledge. In this way only can we expand our team’s expertise and, above all, continuously improve. True to the motto: “Sharing is caring”, we actively exchange knowledge during our routine update calls, to keep everyone well-informed.

1+1 = 3
We use synergy effects in every process and combine departments and topics to achieve the best result. Only together can we excellently combine expertise and customer requirements.

People are important to us! In addition to ensuring that your event runs seamlessly, we take our Corporate Social Responsibility seriously. That’s why, above and beyond events, it’s important to us to create beautiful moments and support inclusivity.

At ten&one, WE is capitalized! Especially in peak periods leading up to and during events, the team must work together and stay united. Stress within the team is completely unacceptable! What could be better than looking forward to seeing your amazing colleagues every day?! We love our job, because teamwork is dreamwork!

We go the extra mile for our clients! Not one project that we approach is like any other or “cookie cutter”. We are always on the leading edge and the best part: We bring that extra something special to each and every event. Are you interested in experiencing something extraordinary? Well then let’s go!

For us, this is not only a slogan! We always take it up a notch: with our ideas, our plans and how we implement them. We don’t only invest in excellent service, we also put our hearts into every project. Our guiding principle isn’t just 100 %, but always one step beyond the rest!

We care about our carbon footprint

Sustainability is crucial for us!
We focus on the environment not only at our events, but also within our company practices. For us, circularity and long-term sustainability is paramount.

Learn more about the factors that we take into account below:

Social capital is our top priority: Within our team, we foster innovation, collaboration and the development of thriving and inclusive communities, as well as enterprises. We closely collaborate with NGOs and support charitable projects.

Thanks to teamwork and collaboration with all the moving parts (our team and partners) within the special event process, we cultivate intellectual capital.

We utilise recyclable material (especially plastics) in our office and at our events. Special attention is paid to durability and reusability even in our marketing materials. We design them neutrally without reference to specific times or places to ensure their flexibility for use across all of our events.

Our accounting has also been digitalized! This saves paper and significantly streamlines our internal processes!

Even our website is eco-friendly and is hosted by Biohost! Here, the servers are powered by electricity from Polarstern, promoting the expansion of renewable energies.

We have in-house air exchangers for enclosed spaces, using them in our office as well at our events.

Using our company bicycle, we love to run errands or take a lunch break in our beautiful Munich neighbourhood. Not only is it faster, it’s also healthier and more environmentally friendly to be outdoors in the fresh air.

We are ten&one

What happens when you bring young experts together with seasoned professionals?
Answer: It creates a fantastic team, such as ours.
Much as in a family, we bring together sharp minds with level-headed and unique personalities.

Thanks to years of experience, our think tank produces extraordinary concepts, colourful ideas and lasting moments.
Take a look for yourself and discover a surprise element or two…

Would you like to be a part of our team?

Then you are in the right place! We are currently looking for creative, communicative, motivated, reliable, independent, internationally-minded and optimistic team players that are interested in 360° communication. Our company offers a community-based atmosphere, exciting and creative projects, and the opportunity to work from home or remotely.

Are you our &one?
Send your Curriculum Vitae, including your salary requirements and your earliest possible starting date, to Hans-Peter Knödler | Email: h.knoedler[at]

Would you like to come by for a coffee? We are looking forward to seeing you!

Our partners

We are globally connected to an extensive network of partners. Thanks to our long-standing relationships, we consistently deliver dependable work and offer our clients one-of-a-kind event experiences. Here is a selection of our partners:

and many more…

TAO European Incoming |
the Asian Experts of the ten&one Event Agency!

Asia is our guest in Europe

CHINESE MINDED & EUROPEAN THINKING – Operating this concept as a direct spin-off of ten&one, TAO specializes in providing support for Chinese companies and clients. For over a decade, TAO has been executing events across Europe for well-known brands such as HUAWEI, Alibaba, Sungrow, Jeunesse and many more.
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